Eröffnung Behindertenschule
Event in Mrimbo Uuwo, Foto: U. Dagge

Partnership connects  

  Twinned since 1985: Ev. -Lutheran parishes of Heikendorf in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and Mrimbo in Tanzania (Africa).




The idea

Partnership means learning, understanding, respecting, tolerating, supporting, sharing, disputing, trusting, praying and working together … It is exciting to be in exchange with people who live under entirely different conditions, traditions and culture! It offers the chance to reflect on your own life, values and faith. Both partners in the relationship receive new impulses and are motivated to making lasting changes in their own lives. It is no accident that we connected with a parish in one of the poorest countries in the world. The Heikendorf Tanzania group consists of about 15 women and men who are committed and feel uneasy about the great poverty and poor chances in the global South.  We are driven by our vision of a world that offers everyone enough food, medical care and education. Where we in global teamwork struggle for sustainable development, justice and peace – a world where God’s creation can be preserved. It feels good to be able to work together and influence a slice of the world of manageable size. We are pleased to assist our partners in Mrimbo in their social projects. Most people there still have little chance of further education, career choices, regular income, healthy living conditions, social security or individual freedom. Our support is intended to enable them to discover and develop their own potentials.