Kiumo Vocational Training Centre

ausbildung Education and training is a precondition for an independent life. It opens a way out of poverty and dependency on support. The education can prevent a slide into lethargy, crime and drug abuse.

Therefore as one of the first joint project of the partnership a vocational training center for the graduates of the primary schools was installed. Since 1992 we educate in the sections

  • Carpentry
  • Tailoring
  • Secretary training with typewriting and computer courses.

Since then, around 650 young people – girls and boys – completed their education in KIUMO and received an officially recognized certificate. The Training center is a diaconic project, it offers scholarships for orphans, gives either difficult students a chance and is indulgent with those who fail to pay the schoolfees. After the exams they get some tools and can employ semselfs or learn further.

KIUMO includes a production unit, which generates a contribution to the financing of the education and allows practical training. The tailoring produces clothing for special occasions, especially school uniforms. The carpenters manufactures windows, doors and furniture’s of high quality. Because of the shortage of wood (at Kilimanjaro region is harvesting of wood prohibited) and the high costs, also a combination of wood and metals is used. Former students can be employed in the carpentry workshop depending on the order situation or they can use the facilities for their own jobs in the afternoon after the ending of the lessons. 10-12 permanent employments were generated in Mrimbo through KIUMO VTC.

Support from Heikendorf The school should struggle to be independent of support, but some is still needed from Heikendorf. Primarily for investment, renovation, maintenance of machines and tools and equipment of graduates with tools. The salary of the manager, whom KIUMO owes its success, is also financed from Heikendorf.

Future development The aim is to educate more young people in future-oriented professions. Therefore the quality of education should be permanent adapted and more branches are offered since 2016:

  • Welding
  • Electrician

2014 a new school building for theoretical instructions was inaugurated with the support of Bingo Projektförderung and Bread for the World. This opens new options for the further development of the vocational training center. During our visit in March 2016, we agreed on several promotional activities for the training and production and started a timber-drying-project. Vocational education is no longer very attractive to students in Tanzania, who often have unrealistic ideas of the labor market. To fit the market the above mentioned new training programs were established. It is planned to provide Confirmands a good information about it and to visit Kiumo on an open day.

For the future we wish solar collectors for a safe and renewable energy supply.

Neubau des Schulgebäudes für Kiumo
Kiumo Vocational Training Center Uuwo, Foto: Minja