Samaritan School for mental handicapped children in Mrimbo-Uuwo


Since 15 years Mrimbo-Uuwo teaches children with mentally disabilities from their own parish as well as from neighbor parishes. With financial support from Heikendorf and Bingo a small school for disabled children was built in 2000, the only School of this kind in the whole Church district of Eastkilimanjaro.

Since the beginning a loving and dedicated teacher, who is employed by the church parish, gives very practical teaching in elementary skills, like body care, to make the laundry and to plant vegetables, to the children. The aim is to make the children able to meet their basic needs by themselves as much as possible. Depending on their skills also reading and writing are taught.

The Samaritan School has now 19 registered students. This school is a big blessing for these children. Due to their need of special care they are a heavy burden for their families, who are not able to encourage them sufficient fo an independent life as adults. Some children have made a remarkable progress during their time at school.

Since 2009 the school offers boarding for the students. Before it was a big challenge walking the long distance to school. The school needs about 12.000,-Euro each year for salaries, food and equipment. The families mostly are not able to pay the school fees. Therefore Uuwo church parish is always struggling to get a funding. The Tanzaniagroup Heikendorf supports the school with 3.000,-Euro yearly.

At the moment Pastor Moshi makes efforts in getting an official registration of the school. Then there is the possibility to get a professionally educated teacher payed by the government.  This will unburden the existing staff. The requested building measures were started in August 2016. Towards an adequate and equitable treatment of these children and youth, it still remains a lot to be done.