Upendo English Medium Pre- and Primary School

Schoolbuilding and class, Photos: Dagge/Macha

English is the key to a good education and vocational opportunities in Tanzania. The English language is in addition to Kiswahili the second national language, which allows an understanding among all tribes. English is important in the administration, the tourism and the industry and commerce. For this reason the Secondary Schools and Universities are teaching in English as a basic principle. In the governmental Primary Schools all subjects except English are taught in Kiswahili. When changing to the secondary school many students fail due to lack of English knowledge.

To allow children in Mrimbo a better start in education, a Christian Pre- and Primary School was founded by the church parish Mrimbo-Kirimeni in 2008. Here is English from the beginning the teaching language. Pastor Macha from Kirimeni writes: „Having good secondary schools without having good primary schools is like to build a wall of bricks on a bad foundation.“

The state is dependent on the support of such private education institutions in order to be able to provide education for all students. In general, private schools also offer a better quality of education and are preferred by the parents, although they have to pay the required school fees.

The Upendo School had in 2015 already 176 students divided into 7 classes and 2 preschool classes. Thereof 108 are boarding students. The school enjoys great popularity because of its good quality of teaching, obviously the students are learning there with good grace. The school is able to finance the running costs through the school fees.

2014 an annex with 3 new class rooms was realized and equipped through donations from Heikendorf and support from Bingo, Church development department and Siegfried-Neumann-Foundation.

Currently is a building of a new floor with bedrooms for 90 female boarding students in process. The financial support comes also from Heikendorf, Bingo and Church development department.

For a further positive development of the school, school busses, a kitchen with an energy-saving oven, a dining hall, a washing machine and some playground equipment for the school yard are needed!

We are very happy that with support from donations and Bingo it will possible to by a huge professional washing maschine already in 2016. Therfore a little extra room will be added and especially a tank for the waste water. This project can ease the hard work of washing for the women and protect the environment as well. It will be the first washing maschine in Mrimbo!

Graduation ceremony with former Bishop, in the background the school with new floor
Graduation ceremony 2016 with former Bishop, in the background the school with new floor