Tansania (Africa)

Tanzania is a rich country with stunning sights, like the snowcapped Kilimanjaro, the coral coast of Zanzibar, the vastness of Serengeti or the huge variety of animals in the national parks. The Federal Republic of Tanzania has mineral recourses, fertile tracts of land and especially a stable peace. The nearly 50 million people belong to more than 120 different ethnic groups and to different religions. They all live together peacefully. In 1961 the former German colony Tanganyika (mainland) achieved independence and in 1964 it came to the union with Zanzibar, and the name Tanzania was created.

Tanzania is still one of the 10 poorest countries in the world. There is a lack of infrastructure, of productivity and administrative efficiency. About 80% of the people are making their living doing farming. The consequences of climate change are already felt there defenitely. On the world market it is very hard for Tanzania to enforce their own interests against the superiority of the industrial nations.

Therefore the possibility to achieve economic progress, health, education and personal development of each individual is very poor.

Since October 2015 the new President John Magufuli rules the country. He really make a name in Africa through cuts in public expenditures and the fight against corruption.